Address: ul. Kasprzaka 23a, 64-800 Chodzież
Phone.: (0-67) 282-98-11

About Us

The MIWEX-SG Józef Słomkowski company was founded in 1986. At the beginning the beadwork line for animals fodder machines was our basic product.  In the course of time, we have extended the machinery resources. Our offer has been increased by pots, refill candles, plate racks,  bowls for decors, bungs for dredgers, raw plugs elements for wheel assembly.

In 2013 we have started plastic armchairs production destined for sport performance facilities and utilities. The form of the seat was taken from POLSPORT Toruń-Chełmża company.

The above-mentioned armchairs can be assembled in horizontal and vertical positions to walls and folding sets of seats. These armchairs have all essential tests and certificates of quality.

At present, this type of armchairs is assembled in more than 2100 sporting facilities both home and abroad, for example:

  • football stadiums in Katowice, Zamość, Wieliczka, Gniezno, Toruń, Gdynia, Łomża, Brzeg, B. Biała, Turek, Cracow, Donieck, Brześć, Mlada Boleslaw
  • athletics stadiums in Warsaw, Sopot, Grudziądz, Poznań, Toruń, Siedlce, Białograd, Szczecin
  • speedway stadiums in Gorzów Wlkp, Tarnów, Toruń, Grudziądz, Rawicz, Piła
  • tennis courts in Poznan, Sopot, Piotrków Trybunalski, Warsaw, Cracow
  • icerinks in Sosnowiec, Bydgoszcz
  • sports halls in Piła, Mielc, Zamość, Morąg, Radom, Puck

also in gyms, swimming pools and in another public places such as amphitheaters, hospitals, health clinics, waiting rooms, bus stops and in parks and holiday camps.